Supervision Skills Matter — Part One

Joseph Rios EdD
7 min readFeb 22, 2022

What do you do when office politics become personal? How do you make the choice to stay or leave? Read more about how I had to navigate interpersonal politics with a supervisor and my personal decisions on how to snap back.

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I asked my readers to help me pick a topic to explore in a blog post and was not surprised by the choice to explore office politics. To be completely honest, this topic has scared me to explore because I approached my blogs from a personal perspective on my jobs and what has impacted the development of my values. I waited to write about this topic because I knew it would stress me out and make me worry about the politics of relationships in offices I haven’t worked in for years, decades even!

However, I have committed myself to exploring professional development topics from a place of vulnerability, really looking at the choices that reinforced my personal values or helped me re-learn a new way to express my values. These behaviors have been challenging to share, but all of the behaviors have been my own.

I have also decided to offer this topic as a series and will explore creating and challenging an interpersonal relationship and its effect on the office culture as the final entry. So here we go:

“Maybe you should consider a new career…”

Have you ever been told that you aren’t good at a career choice you find as your passion? No?

I have. Believe me, it isn’t something you forget. Even nearly two decades later I have very vivid memories of being told to look for a new passion.

This is probably one of the hardest entries I have written because it is so personal and after reflection, the experience has shaped my career since working in this office so many years ago.

By the time I worked with this supervisor in this office, I had worked in student affairs for about five years and had worked for about 5 different supervisors, 4 alone for this position. I had even held an interim director role for a year at this institution and had held my office culture together despite being absorbed into a new office structure.

My responsibilities included running campus-wide programming and had developed a sense of respect among…



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